Hello and welcome to my Blog, But That’s Just Me. 

My blog continues to morph and change as I continue to morph and change. I find writing to be very therapeutic. I tend to write from my heart, but some days I just write to write. I write about whatever I feel like writing about. You will read about heartache, love, life, abuse, addiction, my thoughts and opinions, pieces of my life, and whatever else I come up with to write about. My only purpose for blogging, at this point, is to give myself a voice, to give myself a platform to write and express myself, and with a little bit of luck my words will touch the lives of others, my stories will inspire and encourage others.

Maybe I will get thousands of followers and maybe I won’t even break a hundred, but either way I’m going to write and I hope my words, my stories, my life will connect with you, resonate with you, will bring you comfort in knowing you aren’t alone in life and that others have suffered and survived,  and in some cases I hope my words will give you pause and perhaps open your eyes to different perspectives.

But that’s just me…



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