Sit With Yourself

Sit With Yourself

What seems like several days ago I started drafting this blog, thinking I would get back to it the next day. I guess in reality it’s only been a  couple/few days. Life has a way of passing us by without our even realizing it’s happening. We are constantly busy doing something, or busying ourselves with something and almost never, if ever, take time for ourselves. 

If you’re like I often am, you nearly never have a moment of silence to just sit with yourself. Not because there isn’t time, we can always find 5 minutes in a day, but because we don’t give ourselves the time. 

If I’m not on my laptop, I’m on my phone, if I’m not on either of them I’m watching TV, and sometimes I’ve got all three going at the same time. Never a moment of silence with myself.

I used to meditate regularly, but as life gets busy, distracting, or bouts of anxiety and/or depression creep in…or hit like an atomic bomb, meditation and other acts of self-care/self-love take a backseat. We can manage like this for a period of time, but eventually putting ourselves aside will have a very negative effect on us and our lives.  Once we fall out of self-care/self-love practice it is such a struggle to get back on track. 

I think it’s in these times we feel that we’ve “lost ourselves”. We feel more alone, more vulnerable. It is my belief, that it’s because we’ve lost touch with ourselves. We’ve disconnected from ourselves. We have managed to drowned ourselves out. 

Maybe if we made time to drown out everything else for just 5 minutes a day we could deter some of those negative feelings. We could stay connected with ourselves. And as a result hopefully not feel ” lost”. I believe that if we have an idea  of who we are or the person we want to be, and allow ourselves to sit with that person, that we will be better off for it. 

Starting today, I am declaring that I will give myself the gift of sitting with who I am for at least 5 minutes a day. I will put down my phone, close my laptop, and shut off my TV and just sit in silence with myself. I will pay attention to what thoughts and feelings come up for me. I won’t worry myself or judge myself for what comes up, I will just notice. When I’m done sitting with myself, I will allow myself a moment to reflect on what came up. Were there feelings/thoughts that came up that I didn’t like? What can I do, if anything, to change those feelings and/or thoughts? If I can’t change them, then how can I embrace them and use them for growth rather than to let them bring me down?  What came up that I felt good about, how can I create that more often? 

I deserve this daily self-care/love practice. You deserve this daily self-care/love practice. We are more than good enough, we are more than worthy enough to care for and love ourselves. 

Let’s disconnect from the outside world for 5 minutes a day to sit in silence and reconnect/find ourselves so that we can start living daily! 

With Loving-kindness,

Danielle ❤ 

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