And So The Story Goes…

And So The Story Goes…

After much time spent trying to decide on which part of my life to write about, I’ve finally made a decision. I really struggled with what part of my life to write about. This was certainly not an easy decision, and I didn’t make it lightly. So much has happened in my life that I could write a series…perhaps it’s something to consider? One step at a time, I should get the first book out before I get too far ahead of myself. 

Without giving too much away, it will be about something I had struggled with for several years that I didn’t even realize I was struggling with. My hope is that my story will answer questions around the topic for others who might be questioning it themselves or perhaps it will cause people to question themselves and/or a loved one. Either way, my goal is to reach others, to inspire others, to help others, and to let others know that they are not alone. 

This is my update, I know it isn’t much, but it’s all I’m willing to give at the moment. And it’s all I’ve really got right now. Lots of work to be done. I am excited to get moving on it. I may share little snippets here and there, and I will continue to update my progress. 

With Loving-kindness 

Dani ♥

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