New Year’s Resolutions: Are they helpful or damaging?

New Year’s Resolutions: Are they helpful or damaging?

As we all know, the holiday season is upon us. For many of us it’s time to start thinking about all the things we don’t like about ourselves and would like to change. We could stand to lose a few pounds, we want to workout more, eat healthier, save more money, invest money more wisely, quit smoking, stop drinking, do more adventurous stuff, meet new people, eliminate toxic people…the lists are endless! 

A chance for a fresh new start. We can reinvent ourselves to be anything we want to be. After all, it is the beginning of a new year. 

So many people will only make it a couple of months into the new year (if that) before giving up on their resolution.With this, for many, comes disappointment and feeling like a failure because you didn’t succeed in your NYR. Now here we are feeling down about ourselves when the whole point was to make ourselves feel better. 

But why all the focus on a “New Year’s Resolution” when we have an entire new year to resolve things about ourselves? I don’t see a need to put all of our “hope for a better year” eggs into the one “New Year’s Resolution” basket. Let’s spread those eggs in all of the baskets throughout the year. We get a fresh new start every month, week, day, hour, and moment. We have endless opportunities for fresh new starts. If we fail in this moment, then we try to do better in the next moment, which without coincidence becomes this moment. This is the only moment that really matters anyways, right? We can’t bring back the last moment, and we can’t live in the next moment, but in this moment, we can do our best. And we will fail in so many moments. I think that is probably the only expectation worth having, failure. We are human and a side effect to being human is failure. We have to come to expect and accept that it’s going to happen. And when it does, make a New Moment’s Resolution and keep on keepin on. Use your failure as a lesson, learn from it, and apply what it taught you in your next moment. 

With Loving-kindness,

I wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Moment, with many more to come ♥


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