Ode To A Minnesota Day

Ode To A Minnesota Day

I stepped outside into the stillness of morning.

The sun greeted me with its incandescence;

the distance between us bereaved me of its warmth.

There was no hustle and bustle of people in the streets,

no birds singing their songs,

no squirrels chasing each other about,

no rustling of scarce leaves on limbs.

The silence was extraordinarily loud;

I couldn’t hear my thoughts over its vastness.

The beauty of that moment was astounding.

I wanted to stay there, in that moment, just awhile longer.

But as I stood there, soaking in the silence for a few seconds more,

the air prickled at my face like a thousand needles.

As I parted ways with this moment,

I wondered if I had ever experienced a moment of such silence and stillness before,

but I couldn’t recall.

I resided on the belief that I hadn’t; how could I forget a beautiful moment such as this?

I went about my day with gratitude in my heart for Mother Nature,

for living in a state as beautiful as Minnesota,

and for the brief but wonderfully memorable moment that The Universe shared with me.

With Loving-Kindness,

Me ♥

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