Just For a Day

Just For a Day

Some days I just want to disappear for awhile.

I want a break from adulting.

A leave of absence from responsibilities.

I want to sit in peace with nature.

I want to stare, for hours, at the calmness of the glass like waters of a lake.

I want to watch a sunrise and sunset and make each one of them last for half of the day.

I want to lie on a blanket in the grass on a warm Summer day and into the night to gaze at the stars.

I want to stroll casually along with someone near and dear to my heart.

I want to spend hours in meditation with the warmth of the sun and a light breeze on my face.

I want to spend a day with animals, preferably my dogs and a horse who has stolen my heart.

I want to spend time with the few people who truly understand me.

I want to sip my morning coffee, while wrapped in a cozy blanket, sitting on a porch in an Adirondack chair, overlooking a lake.

I want to be free of worry and pain and filled with love and peace just for a day.



Dani ♥∀

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