Taking the first step

My transformation into living more of a minimalist lifestyle is slowly taking place.

I’m to a point where I am ready to start selling my stuff. Starting with that damn TV. I give way too much time to that thing. It needs to go.

I also need to sell my living room furniture so that I can purchase my convertible/sleeper sofa. Possibly and end table or two as well, but I want them to be very simple. Perhaps a sitting chair as well. Some sort of unique find at a quaint little shop. With a convertible/sleeper sofa I will be able to get rid of my crappy mattress. I also need to get rid of my bedroom set. I’ve had it for just over 21 years, I think it’s time to part ways with it.

Once all of that is done I can create my meditation space. I think I am looking forward to this the most. It will consist of a mini table top zen garden, a bonsai tree, Chakra stones, and an earthy scented candle. It will be a space of tranquility. Slowly but surely I would like to create my entire living space into something quite similar.

Brilliant! I just decided that since I won’t have a need for a bed, my bedroom will become somewhat of a yoga space. I wonder if I can find a small TV with a built-in DVD player (I love my Elena Brower Yoga DVD)

And I can hang MY nature photo’s throughout. Perhaps even some that I’ve added inspirational quotes to. I will definitely need one with a Cheryl Strayed quote!

So, here is my week’s goal:

  • Take photo’s of everything I want to sell and get them posted for sale.
  • Take books and DVD/blu-rays to Half Priced Books. Maybe even donate some to work.
  • Look for a place to dispose of mattress/box spring and dresser/night stand.
  • Donate clothes or sell to second hand/consignment shop.

This might be a bit ambitious for one week. I’ll start with the top two and work my way down.

Very excited about this new transformation/path! I think it will make a huge difference on my way of life.


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