It’s Kind of Like a Reset Button

It’s Kind of Like a Reset Button

On my journey to becoming more of a minimalist, I’ve disconnected my Blu-ray player, my Nintendo Wii, my Digital TV antenna, and my 50″ TV. For those of you who know me, this is huge. I am such a TV/Movie junkie. I can binge watch for days and days. I will watch movie after movie.

About a year ago I had my cable TV shut off because I lost too much of my time to it. I had big plans to get out more, take my camera here and there and capture nature in all it’s beauty, read more, meet new people, go new places…then, I got sucked in by Netflix…curse you Netflix (and my inability to set and hold boundaries)! The next logical step is to unsubscribe from Netflix and sell all of my means to stream it (except my laptop, that I need). Just kidding, that’s not why I’m selling my stuff, but it is a two birds/one stone kind of thing.

Let me see if I can explain why I’m trying to live a more minimalist life, a life of simplicity.

For me, at least for right now, it’s kind of like a “reset” button. My life has become so muddled by stuff; emotional stuff as well as physical stuff. So much so that I’m feeling almost suffocated by it all. I’m not as happy with my life as I know I could be and deserve to be. I need to find myself, my place in this world. I need to carve out my niche and then share it with the world. I feel that getting back to the basics will help me to sort everything out. Too often I distract myself with this, that, or the other thing which prevents me from getting to where I need to be, should be, and want to be. That’s not the way I want to live my life.

For some time now I’ve been thinking about living in a tiny home. I’m not quite ready to take that step yet, but I am ready to start taking steps to downsizing and eliminating “stuff” I don’t need or use.

Some people tell me this is a bit extreme, but it feels like the right move for me right now. I need less; less stuff, less distraction, less noise. I need more reflection, more quality time with myself, more clarity, more serenity.

I want to do things that bring me joy and peace; things that are life fulfilling for me. I need to make time for meditation, yoga, photography, reading, writing, meeting new people, spending time with friends, and finding my tribe. I haven’t done most of these things in so long. Life has been passing me by because I am always distracted by other “stuff”. Remove the “stuff”, find myself.


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