A Simple Act of Kindness and Appreciation

A Simple Act of Kindness and Appreciation

I ended up working both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, which is fine, I’m happy to do so. I picked up Sunday morning’s shift last week, so that day was planned in advance.

My manager has been sick for the last week and I kept telling her if she needs me to come in early to just let me know. She never called me in.

Our regular Tech that usually works the weekends had a family emergency and had to go to India for a few weeks so a few Techs have been covering her shifts for her.

My manager was going to cover Saturday 1st shift, but because she wasn’t feeling well she asked if I would cover some of it. I told her I could work until 2pm Saturday afternoon but would have to leave for an appointment. She was very thankful that I was able to cover for her. She ended up coming in at 11:30 to work the rest of the shift.

When she got to work she pulled a card out of her bag and gave it to me.

Act of Kindness and Appreciation

She even added a word search for St. Patrick’s Day!

Card From Shaylyns Daughter

And her art work

Card From Shaylyns Daughter 3

The card and the art work are now hanging on my refrigerator. This 10 year old little girl took the time to create this card for me. She certainly didn’t have to, but she did. She put some time into this too. Decorative letters, pretty heart art work, a word search! If you’ve ever made a word search by hand you know how much goes into that. Then she topped it all off with a special separate drawing.

I thought it was very kind of her to take the time to make this for me to show gratitude for me covering a shift for her mom. She’s never even met me, but in some ways I feel like I know her through her mom. She’s quite the character. The stories I hear crack me up.

This simple act of kindness and show of appreciation made my day.


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