But you can call me Dani, thanks!

I’ve lived enough life to know that it is anything but predictable.

I’ve had moments in my life when I was pretty sure I knew who I was and then life said, “but wait, there’s more” and just like that I wasn’t the person I thought I was. This isn’t always a bad thing, in fact in most cases it’s been good, and some are far more surprising than others. Things I didn’t even see coming.

Some people who know me relatively well, know that the only label I care to wear is the one given to me when I came into the world, Danielle Marie Curtis. This has become more and more true the older I get.

I used to be a smoker. I smoked for 19 years. I tried to quit several times during those 19 years and one day 6 years ago this past November 29th it finally stuck. I quit smoking. When I was a smoker, I was labeled a “smoker”. Once I quit I was labeled a “non-smoker”. But you can just call me Dani, thanks!

Many years ago I was labeled a “juvenile delinquent”. I was a teenager who lived through an awful lot of shit in such a short span of time, I wasn’t a juvenile delinquent. I was a lost teenager trying to find her way. But you can call me Dani, thanks!

Up until I was nearly 18 my sexuality wasn’t labeled. Once I came out as being bi-sexual, I carried that label. After a few years of living as a bi-girl and only dating women I came out as being a lesbian, and I carried that label. By all rights and definitions, I was/am a gay woman, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t love the right guy if he came along. I’ve loved men in the past. I’ve been saying for years that the heart loves who the heart loves regardless of gender. We don’t necessarily get a say in who we love, but we do decide whether or not to act on it. If it feels right, why try to hide it or fight it? Fear should never stand in the way of love. Therefore, you can call me Dani, thanks!

I am liberal, I am democrat, I am conservative, and I am republican. Yup, that’s right I am all of them and none of them at the same time. I would prefer we do away with all parties and run solely on ideas, plans to change and improve, character, and for the people. We can do away with the electoral college vote too and actually elect a President based on the actual people. But you can call me Dani, thanks!

I am a white female, but you can call me Dani, thanks!

I was baptized Catholic. I’ve worshiped under the Catholic church and I’ve been disowned by the Catholic church. The Presbyterian church welcomed me with open arms as did the United Methodist Church and I worshiped under both of them for a period of time. Now I don’t necessarily identify as being part of any religion. I believe in love, kindness, and compassion. But you can call me Dani, thanks!

I am Irish, German, Norwegian, and then some. But you can call me Dani, thanks!

I’ve been a blonde, a brunette, I’ve had blue hair and I’ve had pinkish/red hair. I’ve had hair down to the bottom of my shoulder blades and I’ve had a shaved head (twice). But you can call me Dani, thanks!

I identify with being a problem drinker and now I no longer drink. I’m proud of my sobriety and I will proudly care my sobriety, but you can call me Dani, thanks!

I suffer from depression, C-PTSD, adult ADHD (without the H), and a touch of anxiety; but you can call me Dani, thanks!

These are all pieces of me and not any one of them defines who I am as a person at any given time. Some of these pieces move and change, therefore who I am is also bound to change periodically. It’s how we grow and learn and live life. So do not label me. Do not put me in a box because I will shred it to pieces. This is my life and I refuse to be labeled and to live up to some stereotype or standard set by a society who often has no idea what they are even talking about.

But that’s just me and you can call me Dani, thanks!

I invite you to share your thoughts

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