One Day at a Time

I stuck to my goal of sitting with myself when I got home last night. I wouldn’t necessarily call it meditation as I’m not trying to clear my thoughts, rather I am trying to focus on my emotions and why I feel them. So I guess I was meditating on my emotions. I felt good about it and need to make this a regular practice.

I was much more productive today than I have been lately. I finally got my second sofa assembled and my rack for my kitchen/dining area. I hate the firmness of my sofa cushions though so I’ve been looking into upholstery foam to replace it with. I’m back into getting my apartment how I want it. Which is good, because I really think that will help with pulling me out of this funk.

I should also be receiving my new running shoes this week so I can start getting back into that.

There is a meeting Sunday I am going to attend as well. I’m hoping that’ll do me some good. I’ve been to a couple meetings but they weren’t a good fit. I’m really hoping this one will be.

And I get to see the love of my life on the 29th. I haven’t seen him for so long and I miss him terribly. He stole my heart the first time I saw him. I felt a connection with him immediately, even though I was a bit nervous around him. His name is Añejo, and he is absolutely the most beautiful horse. I’m hoping to capture a few photo’s of him in the not so distant future. If it’s okay with his Human, I will share a few.

I’m pulling out of this slowly but surely. I’m getting back up and trying again. This time I am going to take time to listen to myself and what I need.

One day at a time.


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