Because it’s Who I Am

Of all the various social media platforms I think Instagram is my favorite. The negativity on Instagram is so minimal and easily avoidable. I suppose that could be the case with all social media platforms, depending on who follows who, but it’s been my experience that Instagram offers more positivity,  encouragement, inspiration, and is a much more calming platform than the rest. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy keeping up with family and friends on Facebook, but other than that I could definitely go without Facebook. In fact, I have and the only thing I missed was family and people I consider to be close friends.

I have several examples that I am going to share with you that can better explain my preference to Instagram vs other social media platforms, than any words I could come up with. Do you know how a song can sometimes can perfectly capture what you’re feeling? These posts from Instagram I’m about to share do the same thing in many ways. None of what I am about to share is mine. I made visible, when possible, the names of the parties who posted the images. I might comment or explain what some mean to me or I might not. Each one of these spoke directly to me. I’ve felt each one, I’ve lived each one, I’m currently feeling and living many of them. I feel compelled to share them for 2 reasons. First is to express why Instagram is my preferred social media platform and second is to share a very personal piece of my heart, of who I am at my core, the essence of me. I may not have created these, but I am very much connected to them through emotion and experience.

Instagram Fave       Instagram Fave


IMG_20170423_160930-488x630    IMG_20170423_161430-488x487


IMG_20170423_161509-488x618          IMG_20170423_161730-488x624


IMG_20170423_162105-482x405        IMG_20170423_161626-488x620


IMG_20170423_162154-482x558     IMG_20170423_162553-482x607



IMG_20170423_162357-482x546    IMG_20170423_162514-482x558




IMG_20170423_162707-491x600    IMG_20170423_162859-491x638


IMG_20170423_163201-491x619         IMG_20170423_163229-480x596


IMG_20170423_163439-480x609               IMG_20170423_163832-475x604



IMG_20170423_163608-476x600               IMG_20170423_163503-480x600



IMG_20170423_163731-476x616     IMG_20170423_164030-492x600




IMG_20170423_163700-476x610        IMG_20170423_164105-492x618






– Dani


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