What To Write About?

I have sat staring blankly at this screen for the last few hours trying to decide what to write about.

Do I write about some part of who I am?

Do I write about my not so great day?

Do I write about the person whose voice made my day and how that person made me laugh and smile and forget about my day for just a few minutes?

Do I write about life and love and how complicated they both are and yet somehow both are amazing and beautiful?

Do I write about addiction, alcoholism, recovery, how frustrated I am with the whole treatment/recovery system (programs, insurance, funding, government), and how society needs stop being so damn judgmental of addicts/alcoholics and those in recovery. It’s a damn disease, educate yourself.


Do I write about all the things I wanted to write about but didn’t?


2 thoughts on “What To Write About?

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