Goal and Gratitude

I didn’t get to do goal and gratitude with my goal and gratitude guy tonight. So I am going to post about it tonight.

There are a lot of changes going on at work and many of us are not happy about it. So in the midst of some behind the scenes upset at work, one of my clients started a petition and wrote a letter to upper UPPER management. This petition and letter is to push for Techs to be able to enjoy Taco Tuesday night with the clients (I’m the only Tech who works Tuesday nights at this house). This client got the other 11 clients to sign the petition as well. For this I am grateful for this client as well as the other 11 clients. They are what make this job so special. They are what make this job worth coming to.

I’m also grateful for the obvious!

My goal is to be home before 4am and get more than 4 hours of sleep. Also if weather permits get a walk/run in, and definitely some yoga and meditation.


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