Dani’s Ditty

This song was made up on the spot. Instrument used was an acoustic guitar. I would describe it as a sort of rock/punk/grunge genre, oh and the artist is an Irish guy.

Here I am sitting at my desk when he walks in with guitar in hand, kicks his foot up on my desk and starts jammin…

Dani is sitting at her desk,

Dani is looking at something cool on her laptop (probably cats)

Dani seems like she is bored,

Dani is not a whore

It was a short little ditty, but it held a lot of truth. The only thing he missed the mark on was the cats. I wasn’t looking at cats. I was actually looking at a mind-mapping website for a potential blog-post project.

Anyways, I can now say there has been a little ditty created just for me. And I’m going to claim it as an Irish grunge song.

Almost Famous,




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