So This is What Happiness Feels Like?

I interviewed with a company last week that I’ve wanted to get into for about 15 years. Today I was offered the position. This company comes with full benefits. I haven’t had health, dental, vision for 10+ years; it’s all been out of pocket. Needless to say I am looking forward to the benefits. This company also gives back to the community, which is one of the things I admire about the company. I am beyond happy with the pay rate they’ve offered me. I will be making $22,880 more a year than I currently make and it’s $14,144 more than I made when I left my previous job. Money certainly isn’t everything and I would’ve been plenty happy making significantly less than they offered me, but this will make some aspects of my life a little easier.

I will be going to AA and ACoA meetings starting this weekend. My current job has been like my “meetings”, if you will, but I’m going to lose the support and encouragement I get from working with these guys. Now it’s time to grow my sober network.

I had an amazing equine session in therapy this week. I swear I fall more in love with Anejo every time I see him.

Then there is this other guy who I’ve been getting to know over the last several months. He is such a great guy. We share in each others good times and in our not so good times. He is someone I feel I can be completely open and honest with. We have this amazing connection that is strengthened by the mutual respect, trust, friendship, and love we share for one another. I very much look forward to building on what we already have.

Life isn’t always easy, happy, or fun but every now and then when we aim to do the right thing, to do what’s best, to act towards ourselves as though we matter just as much as everyone else, the Universe responds. Things have been working out and falling in line for me lately and I am welcoming it all with open arms. I am happy with where my life is right now and the direction it is going. I’m happy! I don’t remember the last time I was truly happy. A girl could get used to this.


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