What I Want

Some how a conversation with my lovely yoga instructor went from poses my mom can do with her bad leg to me being single and there being no good healthy single people out there; at least not in the age range I’m open to. Strange how conversations morph so quickly. During our conversation she suggest I make a list of things, qualities, and the like that I seek in someone. The idea is to just put it out there (there was a lot more to the conversation, but the list and putting it out there is the point of this post). So being a blogger, what better place to create this list and put it out there?!

These are some things that are important to me, not in any specific order:

  1. She must be a woman (non-negotiable)
  2. Must be free of drug and alcohol addictions. I’m fine with social and/or moderate consumption of alcohol and marijuana (I don’t smoke anymore though).
  3. Tobacco free (non-negotiable)
  4. Must not be toxic. No games, no narcissism, no lying, no manipulating, no abusive behaviors (physical or emotional).
  5. Must not be younger than 35. Ideally not older than 53 (some exceptions may apply)
  6. Should be spiritual (not to be confused with religious)
  7. Should have passions
  8. Must be open minded
  9. We should share some of the same interests and same or similar values
  10. Must be honest
  11. Must be able to have healthy and productive conversations vs yelling and unproductive fighting
  12. Love animals
  13. Must have healthy lifestyle intentions (eating, physically active) and the strength to never stop trying regardless of how many times you end up back at square 1.
  14. Must be willing and able to commit to our relationship when it reaches that level
  15. Sense of humor
  16. Good personality
  17. Good vibes
  18. Have depth
  19. Know the importance of connection to nature, people, animals, and the Universe
  20. Must be able to love me with the same depth as I love you.
  21. Must respect me as I respect you
  22. Must trust me as I trust you
  23. Must be my equal. Do not follow me nor lead me, walk with me as I walk with you.
  24. Be kind and compassionate
  25. Must be your own person, with your own thoughts, beliefs, values, and opinions
  26. Must be authentic
  27. Common sense
  28. Must be able to have deep conversations about anything and everything
  29. Have an appreciation for music
  30. Have the ability to find the extraordinary in the ordinary
  31. Have the ability to see the silver linings
  32. Love and respect yourself
  33. Be comfortable letting loose, having fun, being silly and playful
  34. Willingness to try new things
  35. Most important, we must have a connection.

So there ya have it Universe, show me what ya got!




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