It was probably nothing, right?

Have you ever been in one of those situations with someone, where something subtle happens that could be something, but it could also be nothing? It was most likely nothing, but it sort of felt like it was something more than nothing.

What do you do with that? It had to be nothing, it could not have been something. Why would it have been something?

I’ve been in an eerily similar situation before. In that situation, I found myself wondering the same things I’m wondering now. It had to have been nothing, because how could it possibly have been something? Seriously, a happily married Christian woman with teenage kids does not have an affair with a lesbian 13 years her Jr, right? Haha..boy was I wrong! Did not see that one coming! In that situation it very much turned out to be something, a nearly 3 year something. I know, I had an affair with a married woman, judge me if you must, but I’m human, I fell deeply in love, and I regret nothing.

But this situation can’t be the same. Surely I’ve misread the situation.

I may never know whether it was nothing or something. Probably best to assume it was nothing. Best just to play it cool, no need to make something out of nothing. Even though, I swear it felt like something, but what do I know? Maybe part of me wanted it to be something more than nothing, so that’s why it feels like it was something. I’m clearly out of practice with this whole subtle something stuff.

Well whatever it was, it was nice. But it was probably nothing and not something, right?

What I do know is, I don’t wanna mess anything up. This person is pretty great and I’d like to keep this person in my life whether it was something or nothing.

Slightly more than a little unsure,



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