Let’s Try This Again…

Dear Universe,

I greatly appreciate all your effort in leading me to her. She seemed like a definite possibility for “the one”. I was right there with ya. You were so close, but not quite. She checked every.single.box…except one. That “except one” box cannot be a negotiable box for me, not anymore. So let’s try this again, let’s put it out there one more time and see what happens.

This is what I want from a person/relationship:

  • She MUST be single/available (NOT NEGOTIABLE)
  • She must be kind, caring, compassionate
  • She must have the ability to love deeply
  • She must be passionate…about anything
  • She must be honest
  • She must be authentic
  • She must be loyal to friends, family, partner…
  • She must be whole on her own and compliment my wholeness
  • She must be humble
  • She must be open minded with little to no judgement of others (I’m allowing room for humaness)
  • She should have dreams…realistic as well as unrealistic
  • She should always be hopeful
  • We should have many things in common, but she should also have interests different than mine so that we can learn from and appreciate our differences
  • She must be ready to settle down and commit to a long term, growing old together relationship (I’m done playing around, I’m ready for stability and security)
  • She must not play head or heart games. I don’t have time for that.
  • She should like:
    • Walks
    • Evening wine
    • Morning coffee/tea
    • Snuggling
    • animals
    • the feel of a calm rain washing over her body
    • adventures
    • road trips
    • getting lost
    • exploring nooks and crannies along the way
  • She must know what she wants from a relationship and partner
  • She MUST be single/available (NOT NEGOTIABLE)…Doesn’t hurt to throw it out there again, since this is the only box that wasn’t checked with what I was sure was a wonderful thing in the making.
  • She must be as interested in me as I am in her
  • She must see me not as an option, but as the only possibility for her

So there you have it Universe, I’m putting it out there…again. Do your thing and bring us together…don’t forget the single/available box this time please…

Thank you,

A heart full of love waiting to be given

P.S. Make sure she knows how incredibly amazing I am, it’s a great selling point 😉

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