The Difference a Week Makes…

It’s funny (and by funny, I mean sort of sad) how much can change in just a week’s time.

This time last week I was in Illinois having the time of my life, in what felt like our own little paradise made for 2, filled with a world of endless possibilities. It had been a long time since I had felt that content.

Jump ahead to a week later; that little paradise made just for the 2 of us feels like it was a lifetime ago, maybe even just a dream. Everything seems to have changed.

How did it go from that to this so quickly? It felt so right, so meant to be.

Was it just wishful thinking? Was it just my hopeless romantic ideals?

It seemed like all of the stars had aligned to bring us together, like it was destined to be.

Did the Universe get it wrong? Did I misread it?

What was this for? What was the purpose of bringing us together just to keep us apart? What, why?

Had my heart not suffered enough? Had it not been shattered enough?

When do I get my turn? When do I get everlasting love? How many times must my heart break before it can trust in love and love freely?

The difference a week makes…

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