What If I Fall? Oh, But My Darling, What If You Fly? – E.H.

We fear so many things in life and all too often we let fear control our lives.

We fear not being good enough. We fear being rejected. We fear being judged. We fear not being worthy of something or someone. We fear failure. Perhaps failure is what all of our fear boils down to.

If we aren’t good enough, we feel we’ve failed.

If we get rejected, it’s failure.

We likely feel like we’ve failed at something if others are passing judgement on us.

If we feel unworthy, we’ve failed at being worthy.

And on and on it goes.

So rather than feeling like a “failure” we stay stuck; we settle.

Maybe we settle because we don’t think we can do better than where we are with what we have and who we’re with.

Maybe we settle because the devil we know is less terrifying than the unknown, because what if we try and fail?

We stay stuck, we settle because we are afraid to fail.

But, I ask this…

Why aren’t we afraid of fear holding us back from truly living?

Why aren’t we afraid of not living our best life?

Why aren’t we afraid of settling for mediocrity?

Why aren’t we afraid of not living a happy fulfilling life?

Why aren’t we afraid of missing out on greatness?

I know we fear failure, but if we never lean into fear, if we never take the chance, if we never lose sight of the shore, aren’t we still failing? Aren’t we then just failing at living life?

At what point do we get tired of sitting on the sidelines watching our lives pass us by?

At what point do we finally stand up, face fear head on and take our lives back?

What if I fall?

Oh, but my Darling, What if you fly?

Erin Hanson

Dear Depression

It’s been a long time since you’ve come around. I was hoping that, perhaps, I’d never see you again. I should’ve known better. I’ve sensed you lingering in the background, waiting for the right time. I guess you found your opportunity and you snuck right in. You’ve always had that way about you, waiting for the right moment to sneak your way back in.

Your darkness can be so overpowering. Shadowing over me, ready to pounce at the slightest sign of weakness. I’ve been strong for so long, I just needed a little break, I just needed to cry for a moment. I needed some release, and you saw it as your moment to attack.

Sometimes, when there are long stretches between your visits, I forget how incredibly painful the feeling of your numbness is. I am always amazed at how numbness is, by far, one of the worst aches in the world.

I wonder, how long you’re planning to visit this time? I really don’t have time in my life for you right now. You’re dropping in at a rather inconvenient time. Just because you saw that I was experiencing sadness, doesn’t give you the right to invade my life. My sadness is not an invitation for you to show up. I’d really appreciate it, if you could go back to the dark corner from which you came and just let me be. I know I am struggling a bit emotionally these days, but your presence doesn’t help matters at all. You are not a comfort to me.

You do not get to just walk in and take over my emotions and my life, not anymore. Maybe there was a time in my life when you were somehow a protector or coping mechanism, but that is not your role here anymore. You have no role here anymore. I’m going to need you to take a backseat in my life. I can no longer allow you to jump in behind the wheel whenever it suits you. This is my life, you don’t get to control it. This time I am going to fight you harder than I ever have before. This time, you don’t get to take me to my knees. This time I am going to stand-up and rail against you. You may have won several battles in the past, but this war with you, is mine to win.


The Woman Warrior you no longer want to fuck with!