My Ideal Life

When a take a moment to think about what my ideal life looks like, it doesn’t take long to realize I’m not living it.

When I close my eyes and draw to mind the image of my ideal life it looks something like this:

  • My profession is helping people, likely with a focus on victims of trauma. I can see myself as a:
    • Life Coach (with a focus on mindfulness)
    • Therapist (If I decide to go that far with my education)
    • Yoga Teacher
    • Energy Worker
    • Some how combine writing, photography, and nature with healing and overcoming road blocks in life.
    • Or a combination of the above
  • My Tribe is made up of like-minded people.
  • I own and operate a Wellness Center.
  • I live a more minimalist life.
  • I live in either a Tiny House, or a small house preferably lakeside or in the country. I have a garden where my partner (assuming I meet the right woman) and I grow our own produce. If money allows I/we will also have an indoor greenhouse for year round produce (I still reside in Minnesota).
  • I travel to various places, stateside and abroad.

These are some changes I can make, starting right now, to get me closer to my ideal life:

  • Show myself the same kindness, compassion, and respect that I show others and believe that I am deserving of my own kindness, compassion, respect, and love.
  • Be strong and confident in myself, my views, my beliefs, and my values.
  • Stop allowing myself to be treated as less than by others, regardless of their position in life. Self-respect and dignity are important and I will no longer give up mine for anyone.
  • Eat healthier. Make time to cook healthy foods rather than always defaulting to sugar loaded foods due to convenience.
  • Give myself time to rest. Sleep is important and I need to allow myself a minimum of 7 hours every night.
  • Make time to meditate daily, even if it’s only 5 minutes. I am deserving of this practice.
  • Make time for a daily yoga practice, even if it’s only a few poses. I am deserving of this practice.
  • Make time for writing at least twice a week
  • Make time for photography at least twice a month

There are other changes I will need to make that will take more time:

  • Continue healing from my own trauma
  • Certified as a Life Coach
  • Certified as a Yoga Teacher
  • Look into what I need to do to sell some of my photography (potential supplemental income).
  • Finish my BA in Psychology
  • Research starting a business/being a business owner
  • Look into Seminars and Workshops that will help expand my knowledge and ability to better help others.

These are some of the changes that I can make and will need to make in order to fully live my ideal life. There are many changes I know I haven’t even considered yet, but I will as they arise.

I don’t have to wait until I’ve completely built my ideal life to begin living it. I can begin right now. I can live it, in many ways in the present moment, as I continue building my ideal life.

I’ll need to be forgiving of myself on this journey as I will slip, I will make mistakes, I will have set backs; I need not give up on myself or on my ideal life during times of feeling defeated. I’ll need to remind myself of where I’ve been, what I’ve lived through, and know that I am strong enough to overcome anything that comes my way.

I’ll need to remember that my purpose is to help others in any way that I can, and I will best be able to do that if I am living a life that is true to the essence that is me.

Nothing worth doing is ever done without courage, patience, and persistence.



Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays


Some people are very passionate when it comes to holiday greetings.

You don’t have to look far to hear or read the rantings about the use, or lack thereof, the holiday greeting, “Merry Christmas”. Many become furious when they are greeted with, “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas”.

We’ve all heard phrases such as, “This is America, we say Merry Christmas here” or “in our country we celebrate Christmas” and of course there is always this one, “The USA was founded on Christian beliefs, we celebrate Jesus’ birthday here, if they don’t like it, they can go back to their own country!”

Many Americans feel violated in their own country. They feel the beliefs and customs of others are being crammed down their throats with no regard for their own beliefs. Many are angry and rightfully so! Right?


First, unless you have Native American somewhere in your heritage, you are an immigrant whose family migrated to America from overseas hundreds of years ago.

Second, while Christianity is among the top religions in the US, it is not solely a US Religion; nor is it the only religion in the US. In fact, Christianity didn’t even originate in the Americas. Also, Jesus was a Jew and he was NOT a white man! Christ…not his last name. The term Christ, in it’s origin, means “the anointed one”. A term which was coined long before the birth of Jesus and could be used within any religion or spiritual practice that perform anointments.

Speaking of the birth of Jesus…third, Christmas origins pre-date the birth of Jesus. Christmas originated as a Pagan holiday. Christians adapted many Pagan traditions (including the Christmas tree) into what we know as Christmas today. What Christians now refer to as Christmas, the celebration of Jesus’ birthday (which is not in December), was originally a celebration of winter solstice, the coming of spring and agriculture, and the sun goddess. There is no mention of Christmas in the Bible, nor that it is the celebration of Jesus’ birth, nor that Jesus was born in December (there is no mention of Jesus’ birth date in the Bible).

While it may sound like I am anti- white Christian America, I can assure you that I am not. Quite the opposite really;  I believe and fully support what America was intended to stand for. I believe in the freedom of religion. I believe in equality. I love the multi-cultural population that makes up the United States of America. I love the diversity of this great nation. I love that so many people are kind, compassionate, supportive, open-minded, open-hearted, and accepting of others.

What I don’t support is intolerance, hate, and the double standard that many Americans have. The US is not a one religion or belief system country. The US is not a one skin tone country, and thank your lucky stars for that; because if it were, white skin tone wouldn’t be here, as we are NOT the natives of this land.

I am a white American female, I am made up of Irish, German, Norwegian, and the list goes on… I consider myself to be spiritual, but I am not religious. I do, however, respect those who are, so long as they are respectful to others. I celebrate Christmas, but not as a Christian holiday. I celebrate the love, time shared with friends and family, connections, and memories. To me, that’s what the holiday season is all about.

There are many holiday celebrations during this time of year other than Christmas; Hanukkah and Kwanzaa to name a couple. Not everyone in America celebrates Christmas. We don’t say “Happy Holidays” because “Merry Christmas” might offend others, we say it because it’s all inclusive. We say it to respect everyone’s beliefs.

Regardless of beliefs, skin color, and country of origin, we are ALL human.

Happy Hanukkah!
Happy Kwanzaa!
Happy Solstice!
Merry Christmas!
Season’s Greetings!
Happy Holidays!

Lots of Love,