I Got Back Up!

I Got Back Up!

My goal for this weekend was to practice Yoga, Meditate, and to get back into a walk/run routine. How did I do?

My Face

I got my walk/run in! 1.8 miles, my time wasn’t great but I wasn’t expecting it to be. It’s been a long time since I’ve been out for a walk/run. I also had to do a lot more walking than running due to my back, but I will return to more running and less walking in time. Either way, I’m very proud of myself for getting out there; and I needed an excuse to wear my new running shoes.

Shoes (2)

For a couple of years now, I’ve admired this house along one of my paths. It’s right on Christmas Lake. Today, while I was walking by, I noticed it was for sale. Not that I am anywhere near being able to afford the house, but it provided me an opportunity to daydream about a future life in the house where the love of my life and I would live with our dog and possibly a child or two. We would tootle around the lake with our pontoon or perhaps our paddle boards! Enjoy quiet sunsets over the stillness of the lake and watch the sunrise while enjoying morning coffee.

Without Sign

It’s a beautiful house and it was easy to get lost in the daydream, but truth be told, I don’t need that grand of a house. I’m a simple girl with simple needs. I also saw a twin home for rent on my path. No lake view or anything, but it was cute (I didn’t take a picture of that one). I wouldn’t be able to afford it on my own, at least not right now. With a roommate or partner it would’ve been doable. Another time, another place. I’m content where I am for now.

Once I returned from my walk/run it was time to do some Yoga. So I did my 15 minute practice for lower back pain. It felt great and I am hoping it’ll help with the soreness tomorrow.

From my Yoga practice I went straight to my cushion for my 20 minute meditation practice. My cushion is currently located right in front of my patio door. It was such a beautiful day so I opened my patio door and sat in silence with myself, my breath, the sounds of birds chirping from the branches of the Maple outside my apartment, the sound of children laughing and playing, and the comings and goings of traffic. The breeze blew gently across my skin and through my hair. The smell of Spring flooded my surroundings. Thoughts came and went, never lingering for too long. I was in a peaceful state, I was in the moment.

I accomplished my goal for Saturday and I am very much looking forward to doing it all over again tomorrow.

I got back up! I always do. You can knock me down, but you can’t keep me down.

A special thank you to a special person for inspiring and encouraging goal setting, and thank you for picking me to do this with. Today I am grateful for you!

To anyone who has ever been down or felt like they’ve been knocked down, never stop fighting to get back up. Never stay down. You are worth getting back up for!!


One Day at a Time

I stuck to my goal of sitting with myself when I got home last night. I wouldn’t necessarily call it meditation as I’m not trying to clear my thoughts, rather I am trying to focus on my emotions and why I feel them. So I guess I was meditating on my emotions. I felt good about it and need to make this a regular practice.

I was much more productive today than I have been lately. I finally got my second sofa assembled and my rack for my kitchen/dining area. I hate the firmness of my sofa cushions though so I’ve been looking into upholstery foam to replace it with. I’m back into getting my apartment how I want it. Which is good, because I really think that will help with pulling me out of this funk.

I should also be receiving my new running shoes this week so I can start getting back into that.

There is a meeting Sunday I am going to attend as well. I’m hoping that’ll do me some good. I’ve been to a couple meetings but they weren’t a good fit. I’m really hoping this one will be.

And I get to see the love of my life on the 29th. I haven’t seen him for so long and I miss him terribly. He stole my heart the first time I saw him. I felt a connection with him immediately, even though I was a bit nervous around him. His name is Añejo, and he is absolutely the most beautiful horse. I’m hoping to capture a few photo’s of him in the not so distant future. If it’s okay with his Human, I will share a few.

I’m pulling out of this slowly but surely. I’m getting back up and trying again. This time I am going to take time to listen to myself and what I need.

One day at a time.