Their Name

Their Name

Everyone you meet has a part to play in your story. And while some may take a chapter, others a paragraph, and most will be no more than scribbled notes in the margins, someday, you’ll meet someone who will become so integral to your life, you’ll put their name in the title.

-Beau Taplin

When I read the quote by Beau Taplin the first time, it seemed to speak directly to my heart. It is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. It’s true that most people we meet are just scribbled notes in the margins of our story. But even scribbles in a margin can have a deep impact. We’ve all been someone’s scribbled notes.

What some may not know about me is that I am a bit of a romantic. I don’t often write about love unless it includes heartbreak. In large part the reason for this is because I had all but given up entirely on love. What good had come of me loving to this point. It just caused heartache and I had had enough after having my heart shattered. I tried a couple of times, but it just didn’t fit, it wasn’t right. I tried to force it, I tried to feel it, but it just wasn’t working. I couldn’t open my heart to it and at the same time I missed giving love and being loved, just not enough to open up to it again.

It’s been 3 years since my heart was shattered. 3 years since I’ve shut my heart down to the idea that I would ever experience love like that again. 3 years since I’ve had any real interest in a meaningful relationship.

Somewhere along the way in this past year I’ve let go of that hurt, the heartache, and her. She still holds a special place in my heart, but she no longer takes up the majority of it. I’ve moved on. She will forever be a chapter I fondly look back on.

With that said, my heart seems to be opening again. I’ve actually allowed myself to feel excited about the possibility of living happily ever after with the right person. I’m not quite ready to jump back in, I have things I need to work on and process before I will allow myself to become involved with anyone, but I call it progress that I’m even entertaining the idea of putting someone’s name in the title. My next relationship will be different than the rest. This time I will listen to my instincts, this time I will make healthier decisions, this time I will take things slow, this time I will invest more time getting to know one another before jumping in head first, with a little hope and help from a higher power this time will be the last time.