A New Chapter

Today I am standing at the feet of a new beginning. A new chapter in my life. Today also marks 21 months alcohol free for me!! I am super proud of myself for that.

I find myself single again, but I know in my heart that I did everything I could to make it work. The timing just wasn’t right. Unfortunately it took us five months to figure that out, or at least to accept it anyway.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and I’ve grown a lot over the last 5 months. I think I might be healthier than I gave myself credit for. I feel sadness in my heart, I’m hurting, but what’s more than that is that I just want her to be happy. I want us both to just be happy.

Back to my next chapter in life, What does that look like? What do I want it to look like?

I want to spend more time with family and friends.

The weather is getting nice again here in Minnesota, so I’d like to get back into hiking.

Things seem to be opening more, I’m hoping that means there will be more available in person yoga classes I can attend. I’ve neglected my yoga practice for far too long. I know there are outdoor yoga classes too, I should look into those.

I’ve already begun to bring meditation back into my life with joining a 6 week meditation class. I think this is going to be a huge positive shift for me. I’m really looking forward to it.

I need to start taking steps toward finishing my degree. So, I think what I am going to do is to just start taking one class at a time, just so I can keep moving forward with it. My passion has always been with helping people. My dream career is to be a therapist. It’s never going to happen if I don’t start making some forward progress here.

I’ve come to the realization that I am starting to love myself. It seems the healthier I become, the more love and respect I have for myself. I’m going to keep working on loving and respecting myself. This will also help me to create healthy boundaries for myself, others in my life, and the future people that come into my life.

I’m also going to start working more on my gifts. I have a very intuitive way about me that I would like to strengthen. I’m also an empath, I would like to strengthen that gift as well and learn how to set healthy safe boundaries around that gift.

I’ve been saying for years that I need to eat a healthier diet. While I have lost a fair amount of weight over the past month, it has been a stress diet, not a healthy diet. So, my plan is to start feeding my body better.

I’m not going to just start feeding my body better food, but I need to start feeding my mind, body and soul better. More self-care and self-love behaviors and activities.

This chapter of my life is all about me finding my center balance again and self-care. The more me I become the better I feel about myself. I will use this time to continue working on becoming the best version of me that I can be.

I have faith in the Universe that it will bring me my person. That person will be the right person at the right time and we will compliment each other in life. Together we will build a solid foundation to build a happy, healthy, respectful, loving relationship. Until then, I will work on further healing myself, self-care, and continue working on my life goals.

Here’s to my next chapter.

With love and light,


One Day at a Time

I stuck to my goal of sitting with myself when I got home last night. I wouldn’t necessarily call it meditation as I’m not trying to clear my thoughts, rather I am trying to focus on my emotions and why I feel them. So I guess I was meditating on my emotions. I felt good about it and need to make this a regular practice.

I was much more productive today than I have been lately. I finally got my second sofa assembled and my rack for my kitchen/dining area. I hate the firmness of my sofa cushions though so I’ve been looking into upholstery foam to replace it with. I’m back into getting my apartment how I want it. Which is good, because I really think that will help with pulling me out of this funk.

I should also be receiving my new running shoes this week so I can start getting back into that.

There is a meeting Sunday I am going to attend as well. I’m hoping that’ll do me some good. I’ve been to a couple meetings but they weren’t a good fit. I’m really hoping this one will be.

And I get to see the love of my life on the 29th. I haven’t seen him for so long and I miss him terribly. He stole my heart the first time I saw him. I felt a connection with him immediately, even though I was a bit nervous around him. His name is Añejo, and he is absolutely the most beautiful horse. I’m hoping to capture a few photo’s of him in the not so distant future. If it’s okay with his Human, I will share a few.

I’m pulling out of this slowly but surely. I’m getting back up and trying again. This time I am going to take time to listen to myself and what I need.

One day at a time.